Nothing compares to a gummy smile that illuminates a room. And on second thoughts there is nothing like the first signs of a baby’s tooth which brings applause from all loved ones. But in all teething is a bitter experience for most.

There is no pattern on when a baby will start teething. How long the process will be or how painful the experience will be is not known. For some, it might happen overnight while for others it could take a long time. Some are actually born with teeth. Yes of course parents find it a bit confusing. While others may show no sign till late.

This process of teething is often hereditary. If parents teethed earlier it is likely their child will follow the same. Babies can start as early as three months or it might take one full year. The early the better because at around four months babies start feeding on solids. So having some teeth will prove to be handy. Parents need to take care of the teething process of their little ones.

There are many options available nowadays to ease the pain of babies going through the teething phase. And most parents agree on trying them out. One such option is Baby teething toys. They are hygienic for your little ones too. And by the time they reach their second birthday, this painful experience shall be over with twenty sets of primary teeth.

Baby teething toys are available in three kinds. For the first stages of babies when no tooth is out there are soft kinds available. They are colorful and very much fun to play with. They also soothe the babies. These are generally of animal shape or something which emits soothing sounds.

When their gums start to bother them, there are toys that can be cooled at your refrigerator and be chilled. These are actually filled with sterilized water. Your baby will love to chew on it because the chilliness will bring loads of relief to their tiny little gums. It’s a favorite among all parents.

Teething rings are given to babies whose tooth has finally come out. They are hard so that a baby can bite on them. They are made up of silicone and are absolutely safe for babies. They have a handle that is easy to hold. Some also give a massaging action.

Today the markets are filled with a huge selection of teething products. They are eye-catching and can be carefully investigated before buying. Take your child along and let them choose from the wide selection of baby teethers. And stay trouble-free knowing the fact that your child will not nibble on unhealthy matters anymore.

When it comes to your baby be sure to check the toys before purchasing them. Are they safe, made of good quality plastic or silicone and does not have any toxic paints over them? After buying, sterilize them first for three minutes in boiling water. Always remember to keep them separately and in proper hygiene.

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