There are so many advantages of children doing arts and crafts it is hard to list them all right here so we’ll concentrate on just a few of the most beneficial. Children of all ages profit from arts and crafts at home and in schoolrooms across the nation. A great way to set up a children’s area for arts and crafts is to mark off a section of the room and deem that the arts and crafts center. In this way, the children will be more apt to associate the drawing and drafting table and chair with doing a play activity that is fun, creative, and educational.

Crayons Make Up a Large Percentage of Arts and Crafts

Children benefit from any form of play activity as long as it is safe and absent of any negative connotations. For example, a great arts and crafts idea that children have taken two since the early 1900s has been the use of crayons. By and large, crayons make up a large percentage of arts and crafts activities for children in the age group of 4 to 10. What is interesting about crayons is that as the years have gone by the entire industry and not just the namesake of the items, Crayola, has switched from possibly-toxic to non-toxic almost-edible markers. This safety feature created a backing up of sorts of the age groupings of which children can be associated with crayons. Most parents would not give a crayon and a sheet of paper to a child of only two years of age with fears that arise from the crayons or cutting themselves on the paper. Yet with today’s non-toxic and safe crayons, the probability of a child having a digestive issue with the consumption of these arts and crafts supplies is negated. The sharpness of the edges of the paper supplied is something that can be alleviated as well with non-sharp edged children’s paper.


Some of the great advantages for children playing in the world of arts and crafts are all about creativity. When children are provided with tools that support creativity and good learning skills, only positive reactions are normally expected of that child. A child that is left to his own devices, with a set of arts and crafts supplies, normally do very well with some surprising artistic works created to boot! The goal of many parents is to provide their children with the best environment for both play and learning without any chance or remote possibility of physical or emotional harm. This is where arts and crafts really stand head and shoulders above many activities that children can benefit from and are certainly within the budgets of many of the families of today.

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