Humidifiers for babies are a valuable asset to the nursery. With the many brands and models available, there is one for every budget. You can purchase them at most mass merchandisers, as well as countless retailers on the internet.

During the winter, the dry, heated air coming from your furnace sucks moisture from its surroundings. This can leave you, your pets, plants, and furniture dried out. This is one reason a humidifier is good for your home. It replaces that moisture in the air, helping to relieve most of the dryness experienced.

People often use humidifiers for babies when the infant has a cold or flu. Since they usually cannot take medication to relieve these conditions, a humidifier can help comfort a scratchy throat or ease dry skin. They can also help relieve the symptoms of asthma and allergies.

Some people like to add treatments to the water that goes into the humidifier. This can include medicated liquids designed to help you breathe better or provide other desired benefits. Essential oils like tea tree oil can provide anti-fungal and anti-bacterial benefits, and eucalyptus or peppermint can help your little one breathe more easily.

Since humidifiers replace the moisture in the air, many will notice their heat bills go down. The more humid air seems warmer, and so, they can turn down the thermostat. Often, this produces more than enough savings to pay for the cost of running the humidifier.

One common issue with humidifiers is the white dust they can leave. This is a result of minerals or other deposits in the water used in the machine. This can be prevented in several ways; the first being that only filtered or distilled water be used. Another is to purchase an evaporative humidifier, which has a wick. The wick traps the minerals before the mist of water is sent into the air. Keeping the unit clean, and changing filters or wicks regularly, can help keep the machine running smoothly and for a long time.

To keep your machine running well, proper upkeep is necessary. Empty the water daily, rinse, and replace it with new water. Clean the tank and other parts with a small bristle brush. Follow any recommended cleaning instructions in your owner’s manual. If desired, rinse the tank with vinegar and run a cycle while the machine is outside with vinegar water, on a warm mist setting (if available). Run another with plain water, to rinse. This will help remove buildup. Wipe down the outside with a warm cloth. Make sure to check your water level often, so it does not run dry. Change any replacement parts, such as filters or wicks, when the manufacturer’s instructions recommend doing so.

Purchasing a humidifier for babies is a wise investment. Not only is it good for the baby, but for other members of your household as well. It is a great tool to use in self-care of minor illnesses and can save you money in the process. They are effective, fairly inexpensive, and easy to use.

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