Choosing a baby car seat so that your little one can travel safely and securely is arguably one of the most important decisions any parent can make.

What’s more, with so many different baby seats available and with the laws relating to them being updated several times in the last few years, the whole process can be particularly confusing.

Therefore, to ensure that you choose the most suitable seat possible for your little one, take a look through the following five points and keep them all in mind when choosing

  1. Make sure it’s suitable for your baby’s size – the US law for baby car seats states that the child must be safely and securely restrained while traveling, but doesn’t give any actual stipulation to the type of seat depending on their age. The way that car seat safety and suitability is determined is by the child’s weight and height, with there being three notable groups – rear-facing seats for babies weighing up to 29 pounds, forward-facing seats for children weighing between 20 and 40 pounds, and booster seats for children weighing between 33 and 79 pounds. Irrelevant of the child’s weight, however, as soon as they become too tall for the seat, they must be placed into a seat from the next group.
  2. Don’t buy second-hand – with second-hand car seats, you simply can’t guarantee that they haven’t been in an accident or damaged in any way and you, therefore, can’t be certain that they are going to provide the maximum safety in the event of an accident.
  3. Make sure it fits your car – although generally speaking most modern baby car seats will fit most new cars, it is worthwhile double-checking with the shop or manufacturer to ensure that your car and the seat that you’re looking at are perfectly compatible.
  4. Do your research – the internet is a fantastic resource that has masses of information on almost any given subject, including baby car seats. Therefore, rather than rushing out to buy the first seat that you see, spend a few hours looking at the different seats that are available on the market and reading reviews from other parents who have already purchased the product.
  5. Ask – if you’re unsure about any aspect of buying a baby car seat, all you have to do is ask. Whether it’s your friends and family or a dedicated baby shop, never be afraid to get in touch to ask your questions – you might think that they’re basic questions, but no one else will think that like every parent and baby shop understands the importance of baby safety.



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