If you are intending to prepare food for your baby you must ensure that the baby food storage containers you use are of the best quality possible. Today rather than using containers you have currently in your home to store food for your baby in a freezer there are some made that are void of harmful chemicals especially BPA (Bisphenol-A) and phthalates.

So how can one determine which of the containers now available marketed as baby food storage ones are suitable? The easiest and simplest way of determining what containers are suitable is to look at the base. On each one, you will find a triangle stamped onto the base and in this will be stamped a number. As you look at these numbers there are certain ones that must be avoided at all costs.

When you look at the bases of pots that will be used as baby food storage containers make sure that you avoid the ones that come with the following numbers on them.

Number 3 – These particular containers are made from PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) and will contain some phthalates. Over time the plastic will begin to deteriorate especially when cleaned regularly. This will in turn result in small amounts of the harmful chemicals (phthalates) in the PVC to then leach into your baby’s food and which could prove dangerous to their health.

Number 7 – In most cases, the containers with this number stamped upon them are made from some form of acrylic. In some cases, they could be formed from fiberglass, nylon, polylactic acids, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, or polycarbonate. These will again contain chemicals that can leach into the contents held within the container and prove harmful to your child’s health.

It is especially important to avoid the baby food storage containers that are made from polycarbonates as these ones will contain BPA. This particular chemical breaks down over time and you will not realize that it has then been absorbed by the food inside the container.

So which containers should you be buying that you can trust? Below we take a look at one type that is free of harmful chemicals and which is worth considering purchasing.

Baby Cubes – This is the most cost-effective type of baby food storage containers available today. As well as being free of harmful chemicals this particular content is made up of 8 separate cubes into which food can be stored. Plus these are the only containers for storing baby food in a freezer that comes with a lid directly attached to the cube. So it is a lot simpler for you to store the food you prepare for your baby and it makes it much easier to remove the portion of food to defrost for your child’s meal as well.

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