Many babies don’t like to do tummy time because it limits them to how much they can move around. Tummy time though is an important part of their development because it exercises the muscles that will eventually help them crawl. So basically, while tummy time limits their mobility now, it will lead them to be more mobile later.

To help your baby get used to tummy time and actually enjoy it, you’ll have to be creative. You don’t want to have your baby cry every time you put him down on his stomach because neither of you will want to do it.

Get on Your Tummy

Getting on your stomach right in front of him will help him focus on something other than the fact that he can’t move. You can make faces, sing him songs, or sway back and forth. You’ll see how excited he will be to have some company on the floor with him.

Use Toys to Encourage Crawling

Get one of his favorite toys and place it right in front of him. Then tell him to come and get it. While he may not be able to itch himself over to the toy, he will try really hard and that is great. Always give him the toy after a little while so he doesn’t get discouraged or he will soon not like that game very much.

Give Him a Massage

When he is on his tummy, you can calm him by taking some lotion and rubbing his back. The special mommy or daddy time will be great for him and it will help him understand that being on his stomach isn’t as bad as he really feels that it is.

Give Him Something to Play

If you haven’t already, invest in a play mat. These mats help babies enjoy tummy time because they are brightly colored and have buttons on them that when pressed will play music. Your baby will have a great time hitting the buttons just to hear the music and will love to stare at the bright colors.

Start Small and Work Your Way Up

At first, your baby may not want to do tummy time at all. But if you are able to get him to be on his tummy time for at least a minute, you’ve done a good job. Try to increase the time he is on his belly every so often so that he can get used to it. By starting out with the least amount of time and building it up, he’ll start to get used to it and might not mind it as much.

You Do the Best You Can

Your baby will get his muscles worked out no matter how much time you place him on his belly. So do the best you can. If he stresses him and you out too much then just take breaks from time to time.

Always speak to your doctor if you believe there may be something wrong that could be making tummy time uncomfortable.

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